Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GameDevStories: Now I'm officially an iOS developer

It's been a solid month since my new "in between job" state, and outside of catching up on old games, updating this blog, I've also started learning about iOS stuff. I'm not sure if this is a step for me to look into indie games, or making iOS games, but I figured I might as well learn something (and yes, my coding skills are rusty as hell).

As a joke (and a "basic learning app"), I've created a "Single Serving App", the Slow Clap Initiative (Download it now). As the app implies, it does nothing but clap, slowly (Yes, it's a bad Portal 2 joke, turned into an app). Basically when I started working on the iPhone, I realized that this was a pretty funny joke, for like 20 minutes. Then it became agonizing as I was finishing it.

...yeah, it's not much of an app, I know, I promise I'll do something more useful later. My plan is to slowly build up a series of apps that builds upon the tools that I'm learning. It'll get there, someday...

...with this out of the way, I've pushed the normally scheduled Wednesday post to tomorrow. See you tomorrow!

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