About Me

If you look on the right, you'll see my name, Harold Li. I'm not going to give my life story here (it's not all that interesting or important), so here's the shorthand, interesting, and relevant version. I've been gaming since I was 6 or 7, Game Boy, Famicom, the usual suspects. I'm primarily a console gamer, and have kept up with consoles games (mostly Nintendo stuff). Games to me had always been fun toys or a hobby, until late in high school when I realized that programming could lead me into games.

Five years and a University degree in CS later, I ended up working at a games company called Koei Canada, working initially as a programmer and eventually a designer. On the side I ended up buying a lot of games and played a lot (I always say it's for research, but sometimes it really isn't).  After getting downsized in 2011, I started CaffeineRunTime Games, a solo development team focused on making games and apps for the iOS.

Currently, I design games (both analog and digital kinds) as a hobbyist, and play armchair designer for other people's published games.  This site is a collection of ideas and thoughts on different game designs from ex-game designer.