Track my game progress

Any discussion about games should always be prefaced with "What have you played?" and "What did you like about them?" Knowing each person's taste in games makes a huge difference in understanding a design and thought process when it comes to games. I can tell you that what I like is vast and diverse, but there's nothing better than showing it. There's a surprisingly many ways to track my gaming progress, and I try to update them with a decent pace:

Backloggery - A site dedicated for tracking "backlogs", in which I do have a lot of work to do.
Wikia Gaming - Wikia Gaming started out as an independent gaming wiki that I was a part of. I have a page that I use to track what games I have, in addition to add entries and info on such games
TrueAchievements - This is one of those really interesting sites for the 360, only because this allows you to track the difficulty of the achievement based on the population who's signed up.
PSNProfile - Same as above, but for The Playstation flipside.

I also occasionally update my "now playing image" here: