Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Administrative Stuff: A Podcast featuring me...

I made a podcast, it's about games, and stuff.  Download it here

It's still untitled at this point, and since it's the first one, there's definitely a lot of uneven spots.  Please send in comments and suggestions, and we'll see what we can do next time.


  1. You need to bring up Prey the Stars more.

  2. General notes:
    1. You guys have to go with the flow a little more. Just spit it out and apologize for it later.
    2. There's quite a bit which assumes knowledge on the listener's part.

    Prey the Stars: Should have described it first, since it is so little known.
    Wipeout: like the tv show and video games? (No, like the older racing series.)
    Candy Crush Saga: Tried it after this podcast. Very weak sauce.
    With regards to Harold's annoyance that the game does not rely on skill to let you continue, the marketers aren't really worried about the niche skilled players who don't want to pay to play. They're probably hoping enough of them are completionists.

    You might want to pick more specific topics to discuss.

  3. Here are some suggestions for a name:

    2 Guys, 1 Pod
    Har-pod Joh-cast
    Gamers Without Jobs
    Polygon Podcast
    1 Up Yours
    Sexy Confessions of a Gaming Mind
    ChanLi Chatter
    1 Hour of Pants-free Podding
    M$/P$/Nintendork podcast
    2 Lives Well Wasted
    Joystick Podcast
    Armchair CEO Chat
    Happy Fun Time with John and his little buddy Harold
    Insert X for Y + $ = Podcast?
    Commented out Show
    #Hastagger /show
    The Unambiguously Gamer Duo
    The What A Mess Fan Club
    Million $ Ideas, Penny thoughts
    Chan Li Boys (mmmmm delicious Bahn Mi sandwiches)
    Prey the Stars Forevercast
    LiLiChan Multipass