Friday, August 9, 2013

Game Over! Retry? Podcast: Episode 15 - Not Enough Coffee

...needs more coffee

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In this segment of Rolling Start, we make crazy attempts to generate concepts for a game that combines aspects of Rhythm, Deck Building, Melee, and Platforming. You decide one of those things didn’t belong. Listen to this week’s Game Over! Retry? to find out which one! 
Despite Harold’s brand new Coffee Shop in Animal Crossing, we end up expending all of our energy in this segment of Rolling Start. This week’s Dice Roll produced the following traits and platform: 

  • Rhythm  

  • Deck Building 

  • Melee 

  • Platforming 

  • Mobile/Smart device 
We ran down the way each trait might interact with the others. We determined that Rhythm and Deck Building were very different components, as Rhythm is about timing and reaction time, and Deck Building is about careful planning and decision making. They work different parts of the brain. We eventually made our way to a card-based deck building game where players could construct melodies and chords based on cards with music notes on them. It’s more interesting than it sounds, at least, to me. By the end of the podcast though, we simmered down to a near whisper, partially because I think we were both tired, and we ran out of steam. So, apologies. 
Enjoy the show, and rock on.
I was really stretched in terms of mashing the ideas together, so yeah.  Sorry about that (trying to come up with the ideas on the fly never sounds right). Download, send feedback, etc. Have a good week!

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