Sunday, June 9, 2013

Game Over! Retry? Podcast: Episode 7 - The Pre-E3 Extravaganza

We lied, we did another episode REALLY right before E3:

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As promised, Game Over! Retry? has officially gone weekly! Join us this week for our non-E3 E3 Podcast with our special guest and old friend and colleague, JW, aka Jason Wilson . This episode, we shoot off on a bunch of random tangents as we try to get Harold’s attention away from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, JW describes his own experience of playing Monaco with players of varying gaming experience and skill, Jon recalls dickery in MMO’s past, we contemplate the upcoming generation of hardware, how to reboot classic games, and look back at what we feel defined this closing generation of gaming. We’re also joined by a studio audience … of one silent character. JW makes a bold statement … rather a bold joke, but you can quote him on it. Did you get enough of us this week already? No? Then click the Play button below and get listening! 
All this and then some, on this week’s episode of Game Over! Retry?
Yes. I downloaded Animal Crossing last night.  Pro-tip: don't start the game at midnight.

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