Thursday, May 2, 2013

GameDevStories: I've just released a new game (FREE STUFF INSIDE!)

The last few posts on this wall seems to have all been just advertisements for other stuff I do with games, so how about just one more (I'll get back to writing about games soon, I hope).

So this project has been a long time coming, and it's now here SingleServingGames - DeepSpace - $0.99 (Download Here).  It's a simple SHMUP, without the shooting part, which I guess makes it a dodging gaming.  I still have more stages planned for it, but had to rush it's release before the iOS5-pocalypse.

I actually still didn't get out of it in time, so the free, "Lite" version has just been resubmitted with iOS5 support because of the amateur mistake of calling it a "demo".  Along with converting to iOS5, I had to go through a bunch of cocos2d update, and found a few more showstopping bugs along the way.

Either way, that's done now, so there's that.  And, "in celebration", I've put my two other paid apps on for free for a limited time (till tomorrow), so get them while their hot:

SingleServingGames - QuickTap (FREE TILL MAY 3rd)

Sometimes You Just Can't Win (FREE TILL MAY 3rd)

Enjoy, tell your friends, and send feedback.

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