Thursday, May 23, 2013

Game Over! Retry? Podcast: Episode 5 - With Special Guest!

Hi folks, another two weeks, another episode:

Join us this week, with our special guest Darin Casier, UI Programmer at Bioware Montreal! He’s worked on both the Mass Effect and DragonAge series, and he was a teammate of ours back at Tecmo Koei Canada. He’s hyper knowledgeable and passionate about games, a huge trekkie, and probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. This week, he shoots the shit with Jon and Harold about Guitar Hero, Lego Lord of the Rings, Analytics in Game Design, and Harold’s lack of PC gaming experience.

...wait a second, is my lack of PC gaming experience that notable? I guess it's kind of obvious when somewhere down the middle I was pretty silent. :P

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