Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Game Over! Retry? Podcast: Episode 11 - Rolling Start: The Zombie MMO Experience

We're going to start mixing up things a bit, and here's the first of the newly planned out segments, titled "Rolling Start"

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Howdy y’all. This episode marks the start of something fun. Well… fun for me and Harold, I’m not sure about you folks out there. Anyway, this episode is the start of a segment we like to call “Rolling Start”. 
In this episode, Harold and I splinter away from our typical conversation which was based on existing game design and development, and get into a richer design exercise. We call this exercise Rolling Start because it involves the use of dice to generate game ideas, which we can then flesh out in conversation. If you’re a game designer, or looking to get into game design, this is a good exercise to start brainstorming, and understanding constraints, at least from a broad sense. I’ll write up the process in a separate post. 
In this week’s Rolling Start, we were charged with brainstorming a game with a Zombie theme, that had Looting and MMO components. 
While a portion of this discussion was solely the definition and conventions of Looting and MMO’s, we did come up with two (very broad) game ideas. It only gets more interesting from here on out, so enjoy this episode! 
PS. I’ve quickly written up the process we used for Rolling Thunder here. 
There might be some awkward dead air, but I think that's pretty much expected as the process of thinking and designing live seems to directly contradict the act of filling airspace.  Tell us what you think, and try out the idea yourself!

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