Friday, July 26, 2013

Game Over! Retry? Podcast: Episode 13 - Word of the Day: This episode is worth 10 points

Welcome to another episode of Game Over! Retry? This week, we try out our last new segment: "Word of the day", and I'm sure this week's word, "Achievements", will make some of your blood boil.

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Apologies for my tardiness. It took me a while to get this production out the door, mainly because I’ve been working hard to build a sex dungeon — I mean a podcasting studio. Up until now, Harold and I were recording Game Over! Retry? over a folding table and some bar stools. I know, I know. We’re kings of glamour. So immediately after recording this session, I took it upon myself to repurpose a room as a semi-pro lab and studio, where I could work and record podcasts, and not feel like a teenager living in his mother’s basement. 
In Episode 13, Harold and I discuss our “Word of the Day” (which is really a Term of the Day), “Achievements”. This, of course, was inspired by the recently finished Steam Summer Sale, where Valve put their card achievement system into full swing. We went off on many a tangent (which is kind of the point of this segment), discussing the value of achievements, and how they’re used to gamify commercial business, and how they’re exploited in Social/Freemium games. Also, I accuse Harold of being a coke addict. 
We wander off into many tangents, so be prepared for many angry rants into random topics.  If you listen to the end, you get a badge!

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