Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Game Over! Retry? Podcast: Episode 12 - ???: We ♥ Pokemon Snap?

Continuing our trend from last week, we introduce our second segment...

...crap, we don't have a name for it yet.


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Hurray! We’re celebrating our twelfth episode! Okay, not really — I’ve just decided to start tagging our episodes by number instead of date. What the significance is, I’m not sure. Anyway, this episode marks another game design segment we like to call … we don’t know yet. But the premise is essentially this: Harold and I have a running list of old IPs and games that we haven’t seen in some time (some time = 4 or 5 years?). In this design segment, we freely discuss a potential sequel to be made for one or any of the games on the list. 
This week, we chose to discuss Pokemon Snap, Katamari Damacy, and Fatal Frame in some detail. We debate the merits of cameras being ubiquitous in mobile technology, along with the effects of socially-powered gaming for our version of a Pokemon Snap sequel. We get into the puzzle and physics aspects of Katamari, and try to squeeze in our thoughts on horror in Fatal Frame. 
Get set for another Game Design segment on Game Over! Retry? … and if you’ve got any ideas for a name for this segment, be sure to throw your suggestions at us, either here, or on Twitter! 
So yeah, give us name ideas?  The ones we have are pretty non-existant.  And of course, while we've compiled a list of games we could talk about, send some in if any pops into your head!

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